Customer Complains Code 

Here at VSG, we take pride in delivering customer service that is among the best around. In order to further this goal, we’re dedicated to taking on board the feedback of our customers and resolving any issues as quickly and efficiently as we can. Our customer complaints code, therefore, dictates precisely how to submit any complaint and how we will look to offer a suitable resolution. 

Raising a complaint 

If you find yourself in a position to submit a complaint against VSG, we welcome the opportunity for you to raise the issue in the first instance by contacting our customer services team. Our representatives will record the details of your issue and look to provide a resolution as quickly as possible. In order to do so, we request you have certain information to hand when you call: 

  • Your VSG account or customer number 

  • Daytime contact telephone number 

  • As many details about the issue as possible 

We’re pleased to say that, in the majority of cases, we’re able to resolve complaints at this early stage and reach a solution that meets satisfaction. It’s important to us to fully review the details of your case to identify areas for improvement across the company as a whole, therefore we actively encourage any feedback you can provide. 

In the event that one of our customer representatives is unable to offer a resolution at this stage, it is your right as a customer to request that the issue be escalated to a member of the VSG management team. The matter will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 24 hours to discuss any further measures that can be carried out to resolve your complaint. 

Complaints team 

Should a member of the managerial team be unable to provide a suitable resolution, the issue will next be passed to our specialist complaints department who will undertake a full investigation of every aspect of your account and the circumstances surrounding your complaint. They will aim to reach a solution within 14 days of a complaint being submitted; however, should we be unable to resolve an issue to your satisfaction within eight weeks of your initial complaint, we will provide you will details of our Ombudsman Service. 

Ombudsman Services: Communications 

Approved by Ofcom, Ombudsman Services: Communications will provide an independent service to deal with your complaint. In order to submit a complaint, you must contact Ombudsman Services: Communications within six months of receiving a ‘Deadlock’ letter. Alternatively, if you have not been in receipt of a ‘Deadlock’ letter, you must contact the Ombudsman within nine months. 

Ombudsman Services: Communications 
PO Box 730