All the VoIP features you need!

The Possibilities are endless

What you can do with a cloud based phone system?

  • Respond to callers with an automated greeting
  • Make all your phones ring at the same time
  • Play music while callers are waiting to be answered
  • Ring another phone automatically if one is busy or doesn’t answer
  • Record telephone calls
  • Tell a caller how far up the queue they are
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Listen to your voicemail when you are out of the office
  • Use your smartphone as a telephone extension
  • Keep your telephone number
  • Dial a number by clicking on it
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Call Handling

You'll have complete control over how calls go in and out of the system. Route calls to different teams. Provide automated menus. Deal with calls for staff who are busy or unavailable. Forward out of hours to calls to voicemail and mobiles. Whatever behaviour of call handling your customers need you'll be able to provide it.

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Choice of Headsets

Our systems are compatible with a wide range of handsets. You'll be able to suit customers on a budget as well as those looking for more advanced features. From basic handsets that contain just the essential call tools to high end units containing the latest in video calling.

Call Recording

At the click of few buttons you can get full recording of all calls. All recordings are securely stored in our customer portal for you to download when you need to. A great feature for staff training and customer service.

Call Centre Feature

If your running a call centre we can help you provide the solutions for that. All our systems integrate with wall boards for displaying real time information. Detailed metrics can be made available on staff performance and call volumes.  Run an efficient and modern call centre without the cost of bespoke call centre systems.

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Multi Site Capabilities

If your team are spread out you'll be able to provide a solution that gives them unparalleled flexibility. Enable free calling between sites. Support home workers or even those working abroad. VSG will give you the tools to take care of whatever working arrangements your business needs.

Flexible Geographic Numbering

We can provision numbers from any area code of the country for your team. Give them a local presence in any part of the UK without hassle. Also for those requiring a national reach we can allocate 0333 and 0800 numbers.

Smart Phones

Make your mobiles a part of the phone system. VSGs hosted phone services are completely compatible with smart phones so they can make and receive calls as part of the business even when not at their desk.

Expandable Service

Our phone systems are completely scalable. You can start with one phone, grow to up to thousands and back to one without any infrastructure worries. No expensive upgrades. No replacing of equipment. As many phones as your business needs when you need them.

Soft Phones

Our systems are compatible with the leading software VoIP phones so you can make use of your teams existing PCs and laptops. Overcome resistance to buying handsets by offering an entirely software based solution.

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