Service Level Agreement

VSG is committed to providing reliable, high quality telephony services. This document outlines targeted service availability levels and obligations of VSG to maintain those levels as described below. 

Definitions and Scope 

VSG Support – provided by VSG staff to the customer. Business hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:30pm UK time (excludes Public Holidays) After hours emergency faults only: All hours not within Business hours coverage 

This Service Level Agreement covers services provided directly by VSG. It is limited to the equipment, software and network infrastructure that VSG Telecom has direct control of. Services provided by third parties in relation to IP Telephony (e.g. internet supply, customer equipment etc.) are covered by the SLA of the respective third parties. 

Reporting Faults 

Customers of VSG can lodge faults directly with the support team. 

Faults can be reported in two ways: 

  • 1. By calling VSG on 0333 305 4485 

  • 2. By sending an email to: 

  • 3. By submitting a ticket 

Issue Response Times 

We will discuss any reported issue with you and assess its criticality. We define the following levels : 

Standard Issues – an event that does notnterfere with the core service such as a request for a repeat invoice or minor service configuration changes. 

High Priority Issues – where your use of the service is seriously affected. This could be a single or small number of users unable to utilise a key feature. 

Critical Issues – typically a major service outage where all users are affected – you must make us aware of any such critical situation by phone to avoid delays. 

The final designation of your Issue is determined by On Direct Business Services. You must use the above contact details to register your issue and use the phone service for Critical Issues. 

Scheduled Service Outages 

Scheduled service outages may be required for equipment service and maintenance operations. They can also originate from 3rd party carriers who are providing services to VSG. 

Such outages will be scheduled well outside normal business hours. VSG will provide at least 1 business day notification of any planned service interruptions to all its customers. 

VSG will notify all affected customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep their email address registered and up to date with VSG. In the event of emergency service interruption, VSG reserves the right to undertake the service interruption without notice. In such cases VSG will use its best efforts to notify the customers prior to any service interruption. 

Service Up Time 

Service up time is calculated as the percentage of time VoIP Telephony service is available to the Customer during the course of a year. 

Service up time is calculated as following: 

  • Service up time= Total hours for the period less unavailable hours/Total hours * 100 

  • Where ‘Unavailable Hours’ is the total number of hours that the service is unavailable, except scheduled service outages; 

  • Service up time is calculated for VSG infrastructure only. 

  • VSG infrastructure does not include customer hardware or internet connections. 

  • Target Service Availability: 99.9999% 

  • VSG will use its best efforts to meet the service levels outlined above. 

  • The calculated service availability will be updated on a regular basis. 


Your continued use of services provided by VSG shall be deemed to demonstrate acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Service Level Agreement. 


The services are provided as is without any warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances will VSG be liable for any damages.