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Softphone with all the popular features

Our most advanced & feature rich Softphone

The communicator is a free Softphone developed by us and our partners. The easy to use interface allows users to make and receive calls as if it were a physical desktop phone. With the communicator Softphone you will find some of the best and most popular software features including voice and video calls, messaging, presence, phone directory and fax2email. Combine chat, voice and video calls in to one user-friendly interface. Compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android or a browser we have you covered on all interfaces. Get ready to seamlessly move from a traditional phone system into the world of Voice over IP.

Cheap VoIP Calls

Up to 72% cheaper than traditional phone lines


Add a New Line Now

Add VoIP lines on demand, flexible contracts


Unified Solution

With cloud at the centre connect multiple device

Free Your Desk Space

Replace your physical desktop phone

Video & Messaging

Stay in touch and collaborate together